Phil Mickelson, Philanthropist

If you’re a Phil Mickelson hater and want to stay that way, don’t read this article..

For his fans (like myself), though, it’s a confirmation of what we had long strongly suspected. Phil is a quality guy.

From the introduction:

Mickelson, 41, has always enjoyed a deeply personal connection with his fans, thanks to his interaction on the course and the endless autographs he signs when the round is over. (He is also beloved in the service industry because of a penchant for dispensing $100 tips.) In the wake of Evan’s harrowing delivery, Mickelson has become an agent of change, beginning with an eponymous foundation that does not solicit outside contributions. Mickelson is a science nerd and the son of an Air Force pilot, so supporting education and providing for military veterans have become twin passions. In recent years he has found other creative ways to give back. “I’m lucky to be in a position to help,” Mickelson says, and he’d like to leave it at that. It is up to others to tell of his impact outside of golf.

Read it all.

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