Player Joins Palmer, Nicklaus As Masters Starter

The Big Three of golf will be reunited at next year’s Masters, as Gary Player will join Arnie and Jack as an honorary starter.

That’ll be fun. What’d be even more fun is if there was a televised Wednesday round featuring Masters Champions who are past their prime, but who still are in the hearts of their fans. Maybe that’d get the older players out of the regular tournament.

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7 thoughts on “Player Joins Palmer, Nicklaus As Masters Starter”

  1. Didn’t you watch coverage of the par 3?  It was pretty much just Jack, Arnie and Gary.  And they were all mic’ed up.  It was great.

  2. Michelson will be too young to join the starters.  20 years from now?  Jack if he can still swing a club (he is the youngest of the three current, I think).  And it will be Tom and Freddie.  Watson will be Arnie’s age now, but probably in better shape than Arnie is. 

    Of course in 20 years, Freddie might be able to get a full spinal replacement, and if that happens, he will probably win the thing at 70.

  3. Gary Player is a competitive guy.  I got a chuckle out of Gary Player’s response to a question about what he would do if he were included in the honorary starting group.  Gary said he would begin working out even more so that he could out drive Arnold and Jack.


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