Pro Golf Franchisor Acquired By Investment Group

There’s a Pro Golf franchise just up the road from where I work, but I never realized that the parent company also was based in Michigan. Pro Golf has eighty franchise stores in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Ireland. I like my local store a lot—it carries not only the major brands, but also the most amazing and eclectic collection of off-brand equipment and accessories. I can spend hours browsing and not get to the bottom of it.

Now, Crane’s Detroit Business is reporting that Golf Acquisitions L.L.C., a Plymouth-based investment group, has acquired the assets of Pro Golf of America Inc.

The sale apparently was spurred when the majority owner of Pro Golf—Ajay Sports—was forced to file bankruptcy after losing a wrongful termination suit filed against it by its former CEO.

That’s just one more reason why GolfBlogger doesn’t have employees. I can’t fire myself, and if I did, I wouldn’t be able to sue. smile

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