The Mess At The Samsung

The Canadian Press has a good column on the mess the LPGA has created for itself with the Samsung World Championship. Thanks in part to a special exemption given to Michelle Wie, the tournament will be short Annika Sorenstam and Natalie Gulbis.

And that’s just wrong.

3 thoughts on “The Mess At The Samsung”

  1. Uggg.  For every good thing you can say about the LPGA, which is just about everything you can say about 90% of the players—it gets overshadowed by the idiocy in the LPGA management.  Why in the world, is someone granted an exemption six months prior to a tourney?  That is just stupid, stupid, stupid. 

    If you have only 20 golfers in your deal, there will always be 10-15 that just about any of us could probably justify in that exemption spot before it goes to Wie- in fact, there are probably 60 other ladies who have a better shot than Wie. 

    The one big problem with the article is that there is given even a side thought that Team Wie might do the right thing by dropping the exemption.  HA!

  2. Good thing there is no cut.  Michelle finished yesterday at #20 of 20, 3 strokes worse than 19.  Now she is 19th, but 10 strokes from being tied for 17th and 18 strokes out of first.

  3. And Michelle finishes #20 today as well, at least 22 strokes from #1. 

    But on the good side, the LPGA ladies do show why they are more entertaining for the weekend, as with 4 holes to go, Lorena Ochoa, Paula Creamer, and Angela Park are tied for 1st.  Two players are 1 stroke back tied at 4th.  and a lot of players are within striking distance still.  Looks like in addition to the Kent State/OSU game tomorrow, my DVR will be filling up with LPGA for the weekend.


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