Ryder Cup Economics

As we open Ryder Cup week, the Detroit News has this article on the economic impact of the international competition. Apparently, the event could be worth as much as $100 MILLION to the Detroit Area economy. At that rate, the event rivals the Superbowl in its economic importance.

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  1. Ryder Cup Economics are in the news again as the PGA are now estimating the value of the 2006 Ryder Cup will be in the region of €100M ($129.5M) rather than the figure of €130M ($168M) which was bandied about prior to the event by the Irish Tourist Board. The estimate figure is over a 3 year period and includes advertising, tourism, TV and sponsorship. Basically reading between the lines nobody really has a handle on what the effect of hosting the Ryder Cup actually has on the local economy, but it’s probably more that $80M and less that $150M…


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