Sales Rankings For Collegiate Merchandise

There’s only a peripheral connection to golf, but I found these rankings interesting. This is a list of the Top 75 Universities, in terms of licensed products sold, as compiled from the Collegiate Licensing Company:

Top-75 Universities
(1.) The University of Texas at Austin (2.) The University of Alabama (3.) University of Florida (4.) Louisiana State University (5.) The University of North Carolina (6.) University of Georgia (7.) The University of Michigan (8.) University of Kentucky (9.) The Pennsylvania State University (10.) The University of Oklahoma (11.) University of Notre Dame (12.) University of Tennessee (13.) West Virginia University (14.) University of Nebraska (15.) Auburn University (16.) University of Wisconsin (17.) The University of Kansas (18.) University of Missouri (19.) Florida State University (20.) University of Arkansas, Fayetteville (21.) Texas A&M University (22.) University of Illinois (23.) University of South Carolina (24.) Texas Tech University (25.) Clemson University (26.) Oklahoma State University (27.) University of Miami (28.) Purdue University (29.) The University of Minnesota (30.) Duke University (31.) University of Louisville (32.) The University of Arizona (33.) University of California, Berkeley (34.) University of Washington (35.) University of California, Los Angeles (36.) University of Mississippi (37.) Syracuse University (38.) Oregon State University (39.) Kansas State University (40.) University of Maryland (41.) Georgia Institute of Technology (42.) Washington State University (43.) University of Virginia (44.) University of Cincinnati (45.) University of Pittsburgh (46.) Boise State University (47.) University of Colorado (48.) Stanford University (49.) University of Utah (50.) University of Connecticut (51.) Brigham Young University (52.) Texas Christian University (53.) State University of New Jersey (54.) East Carolina University (55.) Boston College (56.) The University of Montana (57.) University of South Florida (58.) The University of Memphis (59.) U.S. Military Academy (60.) The University of New Mexico (61.) Fresno State (62.) Vanderbilt University (63.) Georgetown University (64.) Marshall University (65.) Colorado State University (66.) University of Central Florida (67.) University of Houston (68.) Northwestern University (69.) Gonzaga University (70.) The University of Wyoming (71.) Villanova University (72.) University of Nevada (73.) University of Delaware (74.) Texas State University- San Marcos (75.) James Madison University

I honestly thought the University of Michigan would be one or two. I’m very much surprised that my alma mater, West Virginia University, is ranked 13th. For a small school in a small state, that’s pretty good. I guess those Mountaineer fans are dedicated to buying logo products. I myself own four or five WVU golf shirts, and a couple of sweatshirts.

Hmm. Ohio State doesn’t appear to break the top 75.

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4 thoughts on “Sales Rankings For Collegiate Merchandise”

  1. Definately something funny about this list.  Florida and Alabama I can buy in the top 5, but that would go along with OSU, UM and Notre Dame.  I live in Tennessee, and that stupid orange-T is everywhere on the eastern half of the state, but once you get to the western half it doesn’t have precedence over Col Reb, the Memphis Tiger, Big Al, and the Razorback.

  2. I believe OSU uses a different licensing arrangement, perhaps managing its licensing itself, and therefore its data is not available for such lists. It is for that same reason that many of the college-logo golf items are not available for OSU.

  3. Now THAT’s an explanation I can buy, though it makes me wonder why more of the enormous universities don’t do the same.

  4. There’s something fishy when tOSU doesn’t make it into the top 10, let alone top 75, in merchandising. After all, we’re talking about a university that regularly “battles” with UT-Austin for having the most number of students in the nation. It also has one of a dozen or so athletic departments that fully pay the freight.

    And it ranks, in merchandise sales, behind the University of Nevada? U-Texas San Marcos? Minnesota?

    No way.


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