Sandy Par Golf Towel Review

Sandy Par Golf Towel Review

Sandy Par Golf Towel
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: My new favorite golf towel because of the scrub pad sewn into one corner.

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Sandy Par is a (relatively) new golf apparel and accessories brand with a distinct vibe. Owner Brian Jones is a lifelong golfer who spent the last twenty years in the skateboard industry, and who before injuries may well have a pro skater.

The company sent a box of some of their products, and to this aging midwesterner, they all have a kind of California and skate vibe. The bucket hat on the character and the bold, but basic colors say “this is not from your father’s country club.” The lettering reminds me of the lettering on the 1960s beach party movie posters.

Among the items sent were putter covers and ball markers featuring the “Sandy Par” character. They’re cute and I like dropping a Sandy Par marker on the green when I’m feeling a bit cheeky.

The putter covers are well made, and likely will last a long time.

The company also has a line of apparel, with t shirts, hoodies and hats. The art on the backs of the shirts reminds me a lot of B.K. Taylor’s Odd Rod art from the 1970s and 1980s.

The company’s premier product (and the subject of this review) is the Sandy Par Golf Towel.

Eighteen inches square, the towel is made of a nice waffle pattern micro fiber. The fabric does a good job of getting dirt off of clubs.

So far, that describes a lot of golf towels.

What makes the Sandy Par golf towel different is that it has a scrub pad sewn into one of the corners (see the photo at top). As you might expect, this makes it quite easy to get the dirt out of stubborn grooves.

I haven’t seen a towel like that before, and it’s a brilliant idea.

The corner opposite the pad has a wide stretch elastic handle sewn into the corner with a reinforcing triangle that has the Sandy Par logo (again, see the photo at top) The reinforced loop is good. I have a bunch of towels where either the sewn in loop has pulled out (I’m looking at you Frogger Golf) or the grommet has torn.

I’m glad Sandy Par sent two. One will be on my home bag, and the other on my “cottage bag” in Up North Michigan.

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