September Golf In Michigan

September Golf In Michigan The 13th at Washtenaw Golf Club
Heading up the 13th fairway at Washtenaw Golf Club

September Golf In Michigan

September is usually one of the best months for golf in Michigan, but is always a difficult time for me to play because it also is the start of the school year. Even after nearly thirty years, the first month back is a struggle to organize the new classes, indoctrinate incoming students into routines, learn names (180 a semester!), incorporate new state mandates (there are always more of these), attend all the staff meetings telling us about all the new things we must do, and just generally create a manageable workflow. Few things carry over because the students, classes and mandates are always different.

This year, it has been made much worse by students returning to in-person school for the first time in a year and a half due to COVID and the fact that my building is under renovation. We had to box our stuff up at the end of last year in anticipation of summer construction. This fall, the renovation is only partly finished, and I have no idea where much of my stuff is.

Fortunately, the staff at Washtenaw Golf Club has been great at finding spots for me to fit in some rounds after school. Golf is my therapy. I hit balls with clubs so I don’t feel the urge to hit students with clubs.

September Golf In Michigan The 16th green at Washtenaw Golf Club
Looking across the pond at the sixteenth green at Washtenaw.

This past week has been particularly glorious at the course. Temperatures have been in the low 70s, with light breezes and sunny skies. Playing from late afternoon until early evening, I’ve enjoyed the creeping cool as the shadows grow long.

September Golf In Michigan The 10th at Washtenaw Golf Club
The tenth at Washtenaw Golf Club.

There are a couple of spots on the course — such as in the valley on the tenth — that are always significantly cooler than the surrounding land. Walking through those spots in the evening always gives me a chill.

It is the sort of thing you will miss if you are speeding by in a cart.

Speaking of carts … I recently picked up a used Caddytrek motorized trolley.

I’ve suffered more than usual this summer from lower back pain and have begun to wonder if I was exacerbating the condition with the slightly bent at the waist position used to push a cart forward. Since I flatly reject the idea of riding in a cart, I decided to look into a motorized trolley.

After looking at a bunch of new carts, I bought a slightly used Caddytrek at a very good price.

The Caddytrek is noisier than I would have liked, but otherwise works well. The motor is fast enough that I can just keep up when it is at top speed. I now get in a brisk walk without putting any strain on my lower back.

I think it is going to help keep me on my feet.

September golf is done. Now on to October.

September Golf In Michigan The 11th green at Washtenaw Golf Club
The eleventh green at Washtenaw at sunset.

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