Snake Eyes 600W Wedge Review

Snake Eyes 600W Forged Wedge Heads
Grade: B-

The 600W is beautiful wedge that comes in 48*, 52*, 56* and 60* lofts. I have the 48*, 56* and 60* versions with Rifle wedge shafts.

The 600W is the successor to last year’s Snake Eyes Forged Wedge (I have the 56* version of that one). What distinguishes the 600W is a wider sole and a more gentle bevel. For me, this design change has made the 600W much more playable.

While I liked the feel of the original Forged Wedge, I had trouble with it. Tight lies, in particular, caused me much grief.  My PGA pro friend insisted that the problem was that the sole was too narrow — that the club was not gliding properly across the ground and was instead digging in. He suggested grinding. I decided to try the new version, instead.

On the new 600W, the wider sole and new bevel make a big difference. The 600W handles thick rough and tight lies with aplomb. With the 56*, I can get the ball up and onto the green from nearly any lie.

The 56* has turned out to be so versatile that I have dropped the 60* from the bag (nothing wrong with it — its just that there is nothing I can do with the 60* that I can’t with the 56*).

The 48* — pitching wedge — also is superb. I like to use it on full swings from around 100 – 110 yards, and on pitch and run shots from 50 yards in. If I really need the height and distance, I can smash it for as far as 130 (risky, but doable).

I think the feel of this wedge is unsurpassed — it’s incredibly soft.  On both the sand and pitching wedges, I quickly developed the proper touch for distance control.

However, don’t be fooled. The 600W is definitely a player’s wedge. There are plenty of other wedges out there that easier to use. That’s why it gets only a B-.

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