Sqairz Golf Shoes Review

Sqairz Golf Shoes Review

Sqairz Golf Shoes Review

Sqairz Golf Shoes
Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: Comfortable, helps with alignment, great traction

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The first thing anyone will notice about the Sqairz Golf shoes are the square toes. They don’t look bad. But they do look “different.”

Those toes, however, serve two distinct purposes and are what make Sqairz shoes interesting and unique.

First, the square front helps golfers with alignment, while still conforming to golf rules. When setting up with these shoes, it is very easy to see where your body is pointed.

I really appreciate the square toes, because I play fast, and spend little to no time dithering with practice swings and such. With the Sqairz, I can just step up, align my feet and fire.

Sqairz Golf Shoes Review

The other benefit of the square front is that it offers more room for the toes. I’ve often wondered about the design of shoes that come to a point. No one’s toes come to a point.

With the wide, square toe box, Sqairz has a design that is really comfortable for walking. Trekking the five miles of a golf course while the toes are rubbing is a sure way to develop a blister. The Sqairz shoe has plenty of room for the toes to flex. I found walking in them (I walk 99% of my rounds) to be an absolute pleasure.

Sqairz says that it’s design also enables a full range of motion through the swing. With that square front, the company says, comes a wide base that provides greater stability and balance. If your toes spread naturally, you cannot help but end up with more natural weight transition.

The Sqairz has six soft spikes in positions strategically located to offer better torque, and thus swing speed and distance.

I suspect that this benefit would be more evident to players who swing a heckuva lot faster than I do. If you’re a big hitter who really winds up and lets it rip down the fairway, I think you’ll find these shoes offer an extraordinary connection to the ground and handle as much torque as you can generate.

My one complaint with the shoes is that they really gunk up with wet cut grass in the morning. The same tread and cleats that grip the ground are clippings magnets. I find myself needing to take advantage of the shoe scrapers scattered about the course at every opportunity. That’s not at all an issue later in the day, however.

The Sqairz golf shoes now are in my everyday rotation of shoes, along with a pair of True and Ecco. To help the shoes last longer, I don’t wear the same pair on consecutive rounds. For Sqairz to find itself alongside those other excellent walking shoes is a complement, indeed.

The Sqairz Golf Shoes Review was first published on GolfBlogger.Com on June 9, 2020.

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2 thoughts on “Sqairz Golf Shoes Review”

  1. No way I would buy anything recommended by SIR Nick Faldo. This guys ego is over the top. We have no royalty or nobility in US yet he insists that he be introduced as Sir Nick. Would never buy anything by him.

  2. Played my first round of 18 and they took a big junk of skin off the backs of my feet. i guess these shoes are for when you ride a cart only they have no padding on the rear heel.


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