Squirrel Mystery Solved

Last fall, I published this photo of a squirrel going through my golf bag. It wasn’t an isolated incident. Every time I play that course, the squirrels seem inordinately interested in my bag.

Yesterday, I was playing with a retired guy who’s a daily regular at that course. Along the way, I remarked about how friendly the local squirrels were , and about the annoying way they would climb all over my bag and go through any open pockets.

He just laughed. As it turns out, his morning playing partner has a Sun Mountain SpeedCart and Bag identical to mine—and for the past couple of years, he’s been filling his pockets with peanuts and feeding the tree rats as he plays.

“The squirrels on this course are the best fed in Michigan,” he said.

Mystery solved. The beasts recognize the bag and are looking for a handout.

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