Steven Alexander: The World’s Most Beautiful Golf Shoes

Steven Alexander Shoes photo StevenAlexander3of3_zps60b64029.jpg

Steven Alexander sent me a pair of their hand-made Italian golf shoes, and I have to say that they’re the most beautiful pieces of footwear I have ever seen. They’re comfy, too.

I have not yet tried them out on the course, though, because everything here in Michigan is a sea of mud. I don’t want to take these works of art out until I’m sure they won’t get ruined

Steven Alexander Shoes photo StevenAlexander2of3_zpsee46aa05.jpg

Steven Alexander Shoe Box photo StevenAlexander1of3_zpsbf583107.jpg

2 thoughts on “Steven Alexander: The World’s Most Beautiful Golf Shoes”

  1. U got a nice piece. As I know, U cant buy them yet.
    But seems,they are not for everyone- too expensive.
    They are also offering an exclusive bespoke range, where a shoe master will be flown from Italy to the customers’ home, anywhere in the world, to measure their feet and create a wooden last by hand, before creating the shoe that will be based on the customer’s personal design, taste and choice of material.


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