Stocking Stuffer: Royal Tees

Stocking Stuffer: Royal Tees

Here’s a nice stocking stuffer I got: Royal Tees.

Manufactured in nearby Jackson, Michigan, they’re made of a highly flexible rubber. The crenelated tops is what gives them the royal castle look.

These particular versions are perfect for winter rounds of golf because they sit on top of the ground. No need to bring an ice pick to poke a hole for a tee (I have actually done the ice-pick thing). In fact, the company website actually mentions using them in winter, so I can’t be the only nut who still hits balls in Michigan in the frozen months.

The company’s signature product (shown on the cardboard atop the bag) is a flexible tee top with a wood peg on the other end for pushing into the ground. It’s good for keeping a consistent height.

They also make a ball retriever for the end of your putter, a score keeper and other accessories.

As far as I can tell, Royal Tees is a byproduct of a company called Hi Tech Flexible Products, which provides things for the auto industry.

If you want some of your own Royal Tees, visit the company’s website (link).

2 thoughts on “Stocking Stuffer: Royal Tees”

  1. Years ago I joined another single during a round. He gave me a “Royal Tee” and told me he was the owner of the company in Jackson. Good to see he is still in business.

    I don’t tend to play when the turf is frozen. I have a “driving range” tee I found that works on those few times I play on concrete tee boxes.


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