Sun Mountain Reflex Push Cart


Sun Mountain Reflex Push Cart

Golf is a walking game. The health benefits are undeniable, and it will benefit your game as well. I regularly play with guys in their 70s who walk eighteen holes. They can walk because they do walk. Meanwhile, I see twenty-somethings racing around in the carts. That’s not the way to live a quality life into your 70s and 80s.

Carrying a bag, though, is a bit much for me. My back just can’t handle it, so I use a cart. My current push cart is a fifteen year old Sun Mountain model.  This one looks much fancier … and has a smaller folded footprint. It features:

  • Innovative four-step folding method
  • Wide stance is extremely stable
  • Two padded valuables trays
  • Separate storage for golf balls
  • Beverage holder
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