TaylorMade rac Black TP Wedge

TAYLORMADE rac Black TP Wedge
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I love black finish clubs. There’s something about them that says “it’s time to get serious.”

The new TaylorMade rac Black TP Wedges are really sharp looking clubs for the serious business of getting up and down.

And TaylorMade has introduced a variety of technologies and design features to help you get there.

First, the wedges have milled Y-cutter grooves to grip the cover of the ball more effectively. This, TaylorMade says, generates up to 300 additional RPM than the Dual-Draft grooves, resulting in enhanced bite and control from shot-to-shot.

The sole of the wedges are ground low on the trailing edge and at the toe and heel. It’s called a C-Grind because, when viewed from above, the trailing edge resembles the letter C. This design allows players to open the clubface more effectively. Even more versatilty is offered by the radiused leading edges, allowign players to hit punch shots. (I personally have never been able to hit a punch shot with a wedge. ).

Annd finally, the wedges have the “feel pockets” that are designed to redirect vibrations to improve feel. I play with softer balls precisely because I like the feel, so I appreciate this design feature.

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