The Best Underrated Golfers of All Time

Golf has produced some of the greatest athletes in history, from the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and Arnold Palmer to modern-day stars like Rory McIlroy. While these golfers are rightfully celebrated for their achievements, there are many others who the media and the public have underrated, even though they have accomplished remarkable feats on the course. These undervalued golfers have often been overshadowed by their more famous counterparts, but their contributions to the sport should not be forgotten.

From Legends to Modern-Day Stars: The Importance of Acknowledging All Golfers

One modern-day star who has risen to the top of the rankings is Jon Rahm. With his impressive resume, including three PGA Tour victories this year, Rahm is widely recognised as one of the best golfers in the world. He may not be considered an underrated player, Rahm’s success should serve as a reminder to continue recognising the contributions of all players, past and present.

At the upcoming Masters Tournament, Jon Rahm is among the top three favourites to win with odds of 8.5-1 according to Betfair. Before we dive in, if you’re planning to bet on golf there are specialised sites that offer a wide range of betting options and provide detailed information on each player’s odds of winning.

The Legacy of Overlooked Golfers

Laura Davies

Laura Davies is one of the greatest female golfers of all time. She has won 20 LPGA Tour titles and 45 Ladies European Tour titles. Davies has won four major championships, including the U.S. Women’s Open in 1987. Although Davies has an impressive resume, Davies is overshadowed by other female golfers who have received more media attention.

Tommy Armour

Tommy Armour is often referred to as the Silver Scot. Armour was a Scottish-American professional golfer who won three major championships, including the U.S. Open in 1927. Armour was known for his precision and accuracy on the course. He was also a great teacher of the game and wrote several instructional books. Armour is often overlooked in discussions about the greatest golfers of all time.

Patty Berg

Patty Berg is one of the founding members of the LPGA Tour. She won 60 LPGA Tour titles and 15 major championships. Berg was also a great ambassador for golf, promoting the sport throughout her career. Berg has made significant contributions to the game, she is often underestimated in discussions about the greatest female golfers of all time.

Jumbo Ozaki

Jumbo Ozaki is one of the most successful golfers in Japanese history. Ozaki has won 94 tournaments on the Japan Golf Tour, which is the most of any player in history. Ozaki was a regular contender in major championships, finishing in the top 10 ten times. Ozaki is often overlooked in discussions about the greatest golfers of all time.

Hubert Green

Hubert Green was an American professional golfer who won 19 PGA Tour events, including two major championships. He was known for his tenacity and mental toughness on the course. Green is often forgotten in discussions about the greatest golfers of all time.

Whether they were pioneers who broke down barriers for future generations, or simply players who consistently performed at a high level, these golfers have left their mark on the game. In conclusion, the sport of golf has seen many players who are often overlooked when discussing the greatest golfers of all time. These players have made significant contributions to the sport and should not be forgotten.

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  1. Often mentioned is Billy Casper. Over 50 wins on the PGA tour, including 3 major championships. He was largely over shadowed by Nicklaus and Palmer but few professionals had better careers.


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