The Funniest Golf Review Ever

The Funniest Golf Review Ever

One of my favorite golf equipment companies recently sent an email touting a website’s review of their clubs. I followed the link, which unveiled one of the most unintentionally funny bits of golf writing I have ever encountered.

The writer of the “review” — either through complete ignorance of the game of golf or a language barrier (or both) — somehow has conflated a golf “handicap” with a physical disability.

The language is in the same league as the legendarily badly translated “all your base is belong to us” line in the opening cutscene of the Zero Wing video game.

Here’s one priceless clip from the funny golf review:

People with disabilities evidently need “generally tolerant irons for highly handicapped.” And the answer, apparently is the “TaylorMade Concealed Iron.”

Surely the author means the “Stealth” Irons.

It gets worse:

In the screenshot below, the website author suggests that people with “high disabilities” might improve their game by “purchasing separate sets of putters.”

And of course, people with disabilities need more forgiving clubs so they don’t get “blobs with 5 long grade 3 irons.”

I have no idea what the author was trying to get at there.

Here’s another clownish attempt at a golf review:

I’m not going to give this site the benefit of a link, because I am certain that the entire point of the review is to generate clicks for some Chinese content factory. If you really want to see it, I am sure that it won’t take long via a search.

What I can’t figure out is why the golf club manufacturer saw fit to feature this review. Did the people in marketing not read the review? Perhaps the email was sent by an intern who knows no more about golf than the writer of this “review.” Or perhaps the marketing has been outsourced to a company for which English is not their primary language and they didn’t notice.

In any case, it’s the funniest golf review of all time.

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