The Streak At 95: A January Round In Michigan

The GolfBlogger at Washtenaw

The Streak At 95: A January Round In Michigan

The temperatures rose into the forties on January 2, 2023, so I headed out to Washtenaw Golf Club (course link) to play a round.

The round marks 95 consecutive months with at least one round played in Michigan.

Over the eight-year course of the streak, January has never really been a problem. There is always at least one week in that month where the snow melts away and the temperatures rise.

February is another matter. On a couple of occasions, I only managed to squeeze in a round on the last couple of days of the month.

The seventh at Washtenaw Golf Club on January 2, 2023

I was surprised to find so many cars in the parking lot, and so many players on the course. It seems I am not the only golf-mad person in the area.

Not only was the course busy — the bar-and-grill and simulators also were in use. Washtenaw has three high end simulators available for folk who want to keep their game in shape, but who don’t want to brave the cold.

Golf Pro par excellence Zach Szawara says Washtenaw will be open for play on any day when the conditions are “not dangerous.” Much of the time, it will be “walking only,” Your best bet is to call the pro shop to find out what the day’s “rules” are.

Still, Washtenaw is one of a handful of courses in the area that are open all year round.

You can book Washtenaw’s simulators online at the link: Simulator Booking

You can also call the pro shop for information: (734)-434-2150

The sixth at Washtenaw on January 2, 2023

For my part, I played passably well, given the lack of reps. I am not — nor have I ever been — a “natural golfer.” The game is a struggle, and when I take time off — for weather or injury — I am slow getting my game back into the groove.

My drives and fairway shots were pretty good — when I remembered to shorten my backswing and extend through the follow-through. My short game, on the other hand, was rough. I was hitting the pitch shots fat.

The sixteenth at Washtenaw GC on January 2, 2023

On my round, I gave a good workout to two things I’m testing for review: The Kam Kaddie Electric Motorized Push Cart and a Cleveland HB Soft Milled Putter. I have been enjoying both and will have full reviews shortly.

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3 thoughts on “The Streak At 95: A January Round In Michigan”

  1. Good work getting out yesterday. What did you shoot?

    I played Lake Forest today. Quagmire but playable. I scored very well thanks to a hot putter.


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