The Blessing of the Clubs

Clubs In BagA friend was telling me yesterday about a weekend spent at “The Blessing of the Bikes,” an annual event held at several locations in Michigan where a minister offers prayers for the multitude of bikers assembled. Earlier this year, a colleague who is a competitive sailor mentioned a similar event in Toledo called “The Blessing of the Fleet.” And each fall, my church has the schoolchildren bring their packs to church one Sunday for a “Blessing of the Backpacks.”

So that got me to thinking: What golfers need is a “Blessing of the Clubs.” Each year on Father’s Day Sunday, golfers would bring their bags to church, and in the yard after the service (weather permitting), the Reverend would offer prayers for safety, good fellowship, good humor and an appreciation of the wonders of God’s outdoors.

And most of all, the Reverend would offer up some sort of appeal for the exorcism of the demons of seasons past.

I think it would work very well in Presbyterian Kirks. I’m going to talk to our Ministers. Maybe we can get the thing to go national.

6 thoughts on “The Blessing of the Clubs”

  1. Great idea.

    I am going to bypass getting this handled on a large scale.  My little brother is a minister, and I can still beat him up – so he will be blessing my clubs the next time I see him.

  2. I like the idea, too.  If you get a local church to do it, notify a local TV station and some media outlets.  It would be a good “human interest” feature for a news program and my guess is that other communities would copy the idea.


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