Sky Clock Offers Visual Twilight

The best time to play golf in Michigan—in my not-so-humble opinion—is at twilight. The morning and afternoon crowds are gone, the air is cooling and at most courses, the prices drop. It’s important, however, to schedule your tee time just right so that you can finish your nine or eighteen before it gets too dark to see the ball. Up North, at GolfBlogger Summer Headquarters, that’s sometimes as late as 10 pm. In southeastern Michigan, it’s somewhat earlier.

SkyClock is a neat looking desktop app that helps you visually track the twilight hours. As you can see from the screen capture, it’s geographically targeted and shows on an analog face the sunrise, sunset and twilight times. Of course, you could find the actual times on any weather site, but this compacts it all into a visually appealing package. Edward Tufte would be proud.

It’d be cool if a java version of this app were running on the front page of every golf course website in America. Then you could always tell just how much time you had before jumping into the car.

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