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When I was working on my Masters’ Degree at the University of Michigan, one of my favorite professors was on the forefront of creating educational communities using the internet. He’d actually been working on it since the 1960s, when he helped to design the net itself. The professor had designed and run a number of educational simulations, which involved students getting to kow each other—and learning from each other via email and a primitive (though advanced for the time) online interface.

Since then, I’ve paid a lot of attention to various efforts to use the internet to build online communities through usenet, forums, blogs, and things like MySpace and Craigs List.  I started GolfBlogger in part because I wanted to experiment with the idea of community building.

But Tony Korologos has taken the golf community to the next level with his GolfSpace site. Similar to the seminal MySpace, GolfSpace offers personal blogs and social networking. But it also offers things specific to golfers, such as statistics tracking.

Give it a visit. You’ll find it interesting.

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