Bridgestone Tour B330 S Golf Ball Review

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Grade: B+
Teacher’s Comments:A premium ball I like better than the mighty Pro V. But it won’t make me switch from the HX Hot.


I picked up a box of the Bridgestone Tour B330s the other day at my local golf shop, which was having a sale. At $10 off, I figured I could take a chance.

In comparison to other premium balls, I liked the Tour B330S better than the Pro V, but not as much as the TaylorMade Red. The Red felt softer to me and I like a softer feeling ball.

The thing I liked best about the Bridgestone was its trajectory and accuracy. With my swing, I look for a ball with a lower flight, as my shots have a tendency to balloon. All of my shots with the Bridgestone have had a good boring flight. It also seemed to be a relaitvely accurate ball. On the round I tested it, I didn’t miss a fairway all day long. I did, however, chunk a number of balls into the swamps on my second shots, so I was glad I had a
whole box.

Around the greens, the Bridgestone had a good feel for me. It felt good off the putter, and I had no problem with my usual pitching, chipping, putt-it-from-the-fairway-with-a-three-wood style (I avoid hitting a wedge at all costs). When I did have to hit a wedge, it checked up quickly, as did mid to short iron shots into the green.

As for distance, I still prefer the HX Hot. For my swing speed—which isn’t particularly fast—the Hot maximizes my distance. But the Bridgestone really isn’t designed for goys like me … it’s for players with higher swing speeds. Stuart Appleby—one of the game’s longest drivers—used it to hit the longest drive on tour last year.

Two of the technologies used in the Bridgestone intrique me. One is the “seamless” cover. This is supposed to offer a uniform distribution of dimples for

The other is the “Speed Elasticity Core”, which varies its hardness from inside to out. This is supposed to allow greater deformation at impact, while returning the ball to its original shape more quickly.

Bridgestone’s expertise with rubber from its tires no doubt came into play here.

It occurs to me as I am writing this that there are now an awful lot of top challengers to the premium golf ball market which Titleist had all to itself just a couple of years ago. For better players, the TaylorMade, Callaway HX Tour, Nike One Platimum and Bridgestone B330 offer a choice of feel, ball flight and distance.

Competition is good.

3 thoughts on “Bridgestone Tour B330 S Golf Ball Review”

  1. hi, i’m 10th grader who play golf in my high school.

    i usually shoot 38/36 with pro v1

    i got 3 ball of Bridgestone B330-s, and played with my friends. i think this ball was the SOFTEST ball i ever hit, and my drive went about 275 yards, and each of my iron went 10 more yards than pro v1.

    in chipping and putting, the ball gets backspin and stop where i wanted to. when i put, even though with my new putter, odyssey white hot, the feeling that i got when i put, was the best.

    i highly recommend this ball to everybody.

    i usually use prov1 or HX Tour, but i should stop using them and use this great ball, B330-S


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