The Mystery of My Swing

My swing has become a total mystery to me. I am hitting the irons well—I planted a seven iron in the middle of an elevated green today from 160. Not as good as many of you, but quite good for me. And I am hitting my fairway woods well. I hit a three wood today to a green from 210.

But my play with the driver is pathetic. I am barely breaking 200 yards off the tee. My shots go WAY up into the sky and then fall with no roll whatsoever. They’re straight enough … I’m splitting fairways … but I’ve got to get more distance. I’ve tried widening my stance, and using a flatter swing plane. No luck. I’ve also move the ball back a bit in my stance. Again, nothing.

I hate to say it, but I may have to out and pay for professional help.

On the bright side, because my iron play has been so good, I’m playing well. Today, I shot an 87 on a course with a 69.7/128 rating.

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