The Tow Caddy


Here’s a terrific idea. The Tow Caddy is a bike trailer that lets you ride with your clubs to the local golf course. I live about four blocks from the nearest course. This would be a great thing to have.

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3 thoughts on “The Tow Caddy”

  1. I love it!  Last year as gas hit $4 a gallon, I was looking to do just this, but various bike trailers were too big or too costly and just not right for the job.  I purchased a clamp-on rear rack and intended to fashion a clamp for my push cart to attach to it, but have never gotten around to it.  I was very concerned with what the 5 mile ride to my course would do over time to my push cart.

    This is great.  I can’t see myself using it on the course normally, but using strictly for transport, either for my carry bag, or to attach my cart bag with push cart folded up and flipped up on top. 

    Price seems pretty good too (a lot for what you are getting, but comparitively to other bicycle accessories, not bad.

  2. I think I saw this profiled on the Golf Channel and had some of the same thoughts as Martin.  I play one course that is only 2-3 miles away.  Unfortunately, after that the other courses in my rota start to be quite a haul.  I am not sure I would be much good after the trek to the course.

  3. This is a great idea! I play about 3 different courses, two are within biking distance.  I can see myself riding to the those courses and being warmed up when I get there. (I will still have to drive to one unless I suddenly can bike 20 miles without being wiped out!) Plus, it is inexpensive enough that I could pick one up for my son and he can get to the course on his own!


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