LPGA’S Samsung To Move To Torrey Pines

I’m starting to feel sorry for the golfing citizens of San Diego.

Not only do they lose their municipal course each spring to the PGA Tour, they now could lose it each September to the LPGA.

The Samsung World Championship, previously played at Bighorn in Palm Desert and Half Moon Bay in Northern Califorinia, will be moved to Torrey Pines this September. No announcement has been made about the tournament for 2010, but it’s safe to assume that it’ll return if it has any success.

San Diego golfers can also look forward to the return of the US Open in 2018.

I’d be willing to bet that Torrey Pines national renown is causing other problems for local golfers—like tourists tying up tee times, and rising greens fees. They can’t be happy. I wouldn’t be.

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