The World’s Highest Golf Course

imageAt 11,000 feet in the Andes Mountains, the Mallasilla golf club in Bolivia is the world’s highest. Reuters has a story on how some indigenous women, known as Cholitas have taken up the game because they work at the otherwise exclusive golf course. There are some great photos with the story, too.

I think there’s a challenge in this story. One of the big golf magazines ought to sponsor a person to play at both the highest (Mallasilla) and the lowest courses (perhaps the Furnace Creek Course) in the world.

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2 thoughts on “The World’s Highest Golf Course”

  1. BS! As a child my parents golfed, and I hit a few golf balls, at a now closed course in Cerro Fe Passco Peru, which was OVER 14,000 feet of elevation.  And there IS another golf course in a close town to Cerro** which is around 12, 375 feet of elevation.

    ** (While I can’t remember how to spell this city. it is pronounced ” LA ROY OH ” )

    Neil C. Reinhardt


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