Thoughts on the 2006 PGA Championship

A few random thoughts:

* I’ve seen this movie before. Tiger gets a lead, and then the rest of the field wilts, while he marches on into history. It’s getting a little boring. There’s practically no reason to watch on Sunday since if Tiger is ahead we know who will win.

*While audiences now flock to watch TV when Tiger is in contention, I’ve got to believe that at some point teh reverse will be true. While he has been responsible for the boom in the PGA Tour, I think he also could be responsible for the loss of interest in it.

* The gap between Tiger and the rest of the field is enormous. They’re all playing for second place.

* Silly me. I actually thought Luke Donald had a chance. Or that someone in that group of guys within one or two shots of the lead would step up.

* Here’s an interesting Tiger stat: On par 70 courses, Tiger has one win in 16 starts; on par 71 courses, he has 1 win in six starts; on par 72 courses, 10 wins in 18 starts. I think what this tells me is that attempting to Tiger proof a course by making it longer just plays into the Striped One’s hands. I think this is further reinforced by fact that Tiger is so far ahead of the field in scoring on par 5s.

* All the talk is of how fast Tiger will pass Jack Nicklaus’ 18 majors. I think the more interesting question is how long will he continue to play. I am reminded of Alexander the Great, who wept because he had no more lands to conquer. He then drank himself to death at the age of 27. Tiger’s not going to drink himself to death, but after he wins twenty five majors, I wonder about his desire to keep going.

* After he wins all the professional majors a dozen times, what’s next? Can he quit playing tournaments for six or seven years, live off his billions and then apply for reinstatement as an amateur? Then he could pass all of Jones’ titles, too.

* Shaun Micheel sure has an affiinity for PGA Championships.

* Where the heck was Vijay? Is he done?

* When I see Tiger play, I am amazed at the job that his father did in creating this golf genius. But then I wonder about what would have happened if it didn’t work out. What if he had consumed Tiger’s youth in golf training, only to have the boy turn out to be a five foot four inch shrimp. Or if Tiger had—as so many teenagers do—defied his parents and decided not to play. Some of you may remember a football player named Todd Marinovich. His father raised him from childhood to be an NFL quarterback.  He made it for a couple of years, but has since been convicted on drug and assault charges. As a father, I am not going to take a chance with my kids by steering them to something that I want them to do. I’m going to let them explore every angle and decide for themselves.

* At the end of the tournament, there was no change in Ryder Cup standings.


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4 thoughts on “Thoughts on the 2006 PGA Championship”

  1. I agree with you about the boring. I really thought Luke Donald would be able to hold on, but not today.

    But yeah, it really was boring. Once I saw he had a 5 stroke lead with 6 holes to play, I stopped paying attention.

    Props to Adam Scott for his low round and his best major ever. He has the size, natural talent, and youth to challenge Tiger.

    One of the cooler things I saw was Sergio Garcia reaching the 605yd par 5 14th with a 270yd 3-wood. He then made the eagle putt for 3.

    But yeah, it honesly is boring to watch Tiger dominate this much.

  2. I guess as a Buckeye, I was holding off on some hope that Tiger might not break Jack’s record.  Unless there is some misfortune, it looks like Tiger might just do that before he is 36—because he is so far ahead in both ability and also in how smart he plays. 

    BTW—wasn’t it on here a few weeks back about Steve taking off his pullover on the 18th green before Tiger turned his card in?  Well yesterday, Williams had that thing off while play was still happening.  Must be ok—maybe for the next major, Steve won’t bother putting that thing on at all.  We all know that the big Salt&Pepper; headed guy with the Valvoline shirt on is Tiger’s dude.

  3. I went and read your post about the Tigergraphs.  I wish I could say I was surprised, but I am not. 

    I think Blogger is right about Tiger not playing too much longer except for the majors.  I would expect when he breaks the 18, you will only see him four times a year, or maybe a couple more when he has work to do.  Until that 18 number in less than 4-5 years, he will do some.

    One factor that might change this, is if he wants to set some record for consecutive or most FedEx cups.  If that is something of importance (after he wins the inaugural year), he might decide he has to set a 3 year or 5 year bar on that.

    He could always take a swing with a driver or putter at a fan with a camera phone.  Maybe the fans wanting autographs or pictures should toss money at Tiger to remind him who is providing his fortunes.

  4. I can even smell the sour grapes wafting over the website!The only aspect of Tiger’s game that portends greater things, is his management of his game and the course that he is playing. Phil prepares long and hard for the majors,and yet you find Tiger’s game wanting for excitement or hoping for excitement in the manner of an opponent. Tiger is not invincible. He is a great player and everytime I witness a finish like happened on Sunday, I register a little bit of golf history. If no one can seem to “step up” to the challenge, that is simply the breaks of the “game” that we all play and watch admiringly.Everyone of those guys out there tried! What kind of cheese would you like with your whine?


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