Tiger Blows Away The Field At The Tour Championship

My predictions came true: If Tiger was leading on Friday, the tournament was over.

It was. The striped one finished at 23 under—two better than his previous record, set at the 2000 NEC Invitational.

Notably, Masters winner Zach Johnson finished second in the tournament—although not in the final FedEx Cup standings. That “honor” went to Steve Stricker, who along with Phil Mickelson was the only one with a realistic chance to keep Tiger from signing the $10 million annuity paperwork.

I’m glad that’s over. Now we can go onto the fall season, which for my money will be somewhat more interesting than the FedEx Playoffs. In the Fall series, the second tier of players will be fighting it out for their tour cards. No pampered quitters here. These guys have to finish in the top 125 to keep their privileges.

It would be nice if the Tour would keep an updated list kept a running score of who needed to finish were in order to keep their cards—just as they kept a running appraisal of possibilities in FedEx Cup Points.

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6 thoughts on “Tiger Blows Away The Field At The Tour Championship”

  1. I was hoping at least through Friday about noon that somehow Tiger would blow it and Phil would win, even though I like Tiger much more than Phil… 

    But today, it just seemed like everyone but Tiger just quit.  He went from 3 ahead of 2nd to 9 ahead of 2nd. 

    I agree the fall series might be more exciting, but isn’t it almost the same as the Nationwide tour? 

    One thing that upset me a little was seeing that Tiger will eclipse one of Palmer’s records with his next win.  While it will be a little sad to see Palmer’s name drop one on that list of wins, what will be more sad is that the commentators will probably mention it during every hole of coverage in the PGA until Tiger eclipses it.

  2. Don’t think it was a tough prediction. I think anytime Tiger is going for a PGA first or a record, you had better count on him winning.

    Hopefully the race for a tour card will lead to some good play.

  3. It was surely inevitable, but I still was secretly hoping for a different outcome. I would love to see some competition … but knowing that it is not in the offing I am sort of losing my desire to watch.

    And given that I’m a big fan of the game, that can’t be good news for golf.

  4. It’s a good thing that golf is about so much more than the PGA Tour. In fact, I’d argue that the tour is an almost insignificant part. I know many dozens who play golf on a regular basis and are quite serious about the game, but don’t watch it on television or pay attention to the pros.

  5. The Fed Ex cup tournament at East Lake was very disappointing as was Tiger’s acceptance of the cup. When asked about his feeling for the history of the course he rambled on about his play as though he didn’t even hear the question. He also missed the suggestion to kiss the trophy. Is Tiger becoming blase’?

    The other disappointment was the course presented few challenges except for the 6th once the tees were moved.


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