Tiger Takes Up Competitive Body Building

In a surprise tweet this morning, Tiger Woods announced that he has given up his pursuit of Nicklaus’ eighteen majors to focus on competitive body building.


I’ve been writing for years that the PGA TOUR and the rest of the golf industry need to prepare for Tiger’s exit from the game. Further,  I’ve long thought that his exit would be sooner, rather than later. The notion of him hanging around until he was fifty to play the Champion’s Tour was just patently absurd. I even correctly predicted that he was done winning Majors after YE Yang stole his mojo.

But even the Original Golf Blogger never saw this one coming.

In retrospect, however, perhaps we should have seen the signs. Hank Haney wrote in The Big Miss of Tiger’s obsession with training, even blaming his injuries on his regime.

And then there was this Vanity Fair cover:


My guess is that Tiger pursues body building with the same single mindedness with which he once pursued golf, and wins championships in his weight and age class.

Fortunately for our eyes, Phil Mickelson has made no similar pronouncements.

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2 thoughts on “Tiger Takes Up Competitive Body Building”

  1. April Fool!

    Tiger did announce today that he is out for the Masters.  That’s not a big shocker, he clearly wasn’t going to play this week, and it seemed unlikely he would go into the Masters essentially cold. 

    Hopefully we will hear more positive news from Phil soon, who is Mr. Masters.  For the past decade, Phil has 3 jackets, and Tiger has just one from 9 years ago.  I am not sure I expect that of Phil this year, although he could always surprise, I would think that we might just see a repeat from Mr. Scott this year.

  2. Year old comment above.

    The golf world is abuzz today on a report by Tim Rosaforte that Tiger’s game is better than ever in that he shot a worst-ball 66 on his home course during a practice. 

    Seriously.  This is supposed to impress you that he is Masters ready. 

    I’d be interested to know how he did yesterday when he supposedly played Augusta… but not really that interested until he gets between the ropes.  Before the chipping woes started, everyone was saying he was back then too.


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