Tiger Throws His Putter Under The Bus

Around here, we have a saying: “It’s not the Arrow. It’s the Indian.”

But Tiger doesn’t see it that way. Reports are that he’s abandoned the Scotty Cameron putter that he’s been playing since the 1999 Byron Nelson Classic. It’s responsible for 72 victories and 13 major championships. But he’s now switching to a Nike.

This is sort of like Bobby Jones abandoning Calamity Jane.

There’s no question that Tiger has been putting poorly as of late. But it has absolutely nothing to do with his equipment. It’s his head.

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2 thoughts on “Tiger Throws His Putter Under The Bus”

  1. In the press conference, it was almost as if he was already complaining about the conditions of the greens (slow) at St. Andrews.  First Pebble and now the Old Course! 

    His excuse is that the Cameron has a softer touch than the Nike, and for the slower greens at St. Andrews, the faster putter will work out better.  Plus the shape of the Nike Method and the Cameron are the same (so are about 90% of the #1 blades). 

    He is already set up to blame the course, or blame the putter.  Perfect.  It probably won’t have to do with the fact that his drives will be all over creation.  I wonder with the losing if he is getting pressure from Nike to try the Method putter. 

    If it wasn’t for that Nike deal, I think we all know that he would be switching to either a Taylormade or Ping driver, and the Nike One would be out the door for a Titleist ProV1 in a heartbeat.

  2. He needs to be with a head doctor more than a coach though.  He has the same skill he had last year, and he has the same knowledge to use that skill that he had last year.  Karma has come around to kicking him in the ass now, so that is working against him.  He can overcome that, but he is letting too much get in his head.

    With most golfers I think that their caddie would be a lot of help right now, but I doubt that Steve is.  Steve looks around for the next thing for Tiger to blame, and he is right there.  Steve can’t piss Tiger off by being too honest, or else he is losing his cushy job.


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