Tiger’s Favorite Courses

It’s interesting to note that six of Tiger’s ten major wins have come at two courses: Augusta and The Old Course at St. Andrews. That’s not to diminish his accomplishment, but clearly those two are set up for his game.

Sports Illustrated has a list of Tiger’s favorite courses: Bay Hill, Augusta, Muirfield, Medinah and Firestone.

By my count, he has 16 victories on these five courses. That’s 34% of his total PGA Tour victories on just five courses.

I also think you could throw in Torrey Pines, where Tiger has won four events. That means that he’s won around 40% on six courses.

What does this say about Tiger? I don’t know, because I don’t know about the win dispersion of Nicklaus and Snead. But I suspect that their wins were not concentrated on as few courses. (Maybe Snead, though. He won eight of his 81 at the Greater Greensboro. They were played primarly on two courses. So that’s potentially as much as 10% on one course).

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