Top Flite Gamer Soft Review

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Top Flite Gamer Soft
Grade: B
Teacher’s Comments: Another Top Flite ball that I think will surprise the average player.

Marketed as a ball for players with slower swing speeds, The Top Flite Gamer Soft is a three piece ball with the brand’s dimple-in-dimple pattern.

GamerSoftjpgOriginally produced by Spalding, then later Callaway, Top Flite now has found a home at DICK’S Sporting Goods. The Gamer models of this venerable brand in no way resemble the “Top Rocks” of auld lang syne.

The Gamer Soft features a low compression core, a HFP mantle to reduce spin, and a thin, soft cover.  The soft cover, DICK’S says, offers more greenside spin. The unique 332 dimple-in-dimple pattern is designed to provide more lift, and thus more distance.

The Gamer Soft is right in my wheelhouse in terms of player profile. At my age, I don’t swing the ball as hard as I used to, so a softer ball lets me compress for better performance. It does not feel as soft to me as, say, the Wilson Duo, but feels better than my usual low-end ball, the Nike Mojo.

Off the tee, and from the fairway, the Gamer Soft meets expectations. It is not the longest ball I’ve played this year, but does put me at familiar distances with the usual clubs. Around the green, I thought the Gamer Soft ran somewhat hot. My pitch and putt strategy left me with some pretty long looks at par on the rounds with the Gamer Soft. As with a ball that checks up quickly, though, that is a fairly easy adjustment.

In general, I found the Gamer Soft to be a good all-around ball — especially for the price. The Gamer Soft is available at DICK’S Sporting Goods for $19.99 a dozen, and a current deal offers two dozen for $30. In fact, I don’t think you can get a better ball for $15 a dozen

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  1. The newer model of the gamer soft is now marketed for all swing speeds……….the prior model was marketed for those with slower swing speeds.


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