Tour Edge JMax Iron Wood

JMax Iron Wood

Tour Edge has a reputation for high quality, but low priced clubs. That’s why the Iron Wood was a 2005 Golf Digest Best Value, and why it’s on the 2006 Golf Digest Hot List.

Designed—as all hybrids are—as a long iron replacement, the Iron Wood is designed to be more forgiving and easier to get the ball in the air. The hollow body is constructed of super-thin super steel, which allows half of the clubhead’s mass to be positioned in the sole. The body is supported by internal struts.

You can get the Bazooka JMax Ironwoods in three different combinations: as an individual iron, as a set of Iron Woods, or in a mixture of Iron Woods and Traditional Irons. That’s a terrific idea, and one that I’d liek to see other manufacturers offer. TaylorMade, for example could offer a set that consists of 3, 4, and 5 Rescue Duals, and 6-PW R7 XDs. Or Ping could have a 3, 4, and 5 G5, with 6-PW irons.

The idea good, but it isn’t new. There’s a retired teacher I know (who coached the school’s golf teams before me) who has always played with a club set composed nearly entirely of woods. Some of those woods have faces that look like ski slopes. But he had to compile that set on his own, since such things weren’t available when he started.

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