True Linkswear Dead Golfer Hoodie Review

True Linkswear Dead Golfer Hoodie Review

True Linkswear Dead Golfer Hoodie
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: It’s what all the cool kids are wearing

Dead Golfer Month Offering At True Linkswear

I do not care to get into the “should you wear a hoodie on the golf course” controversy. In an age when many courses welcome players with jeans and t-shirts, a hoodie is fairly innocuous.

The True Linkswear “Dead Golfer” hoodie, on the other hand, is just downright cool.

With a skeletal golfer on the front and the “Married to the game/ ’til death do us part” tag line on the back, I can’t think of anything more appropriate to wear in October.

I wore the hoodie on a recent round at Washtenaw Golf Club when temperatures were in the low fifties, and a steady breeze made it feel even cooler.

The Dead Golfer hoodie was just what I needed on that day. It has a medium weight fabric that fell in that “just right” category for a breezy fifty-degree day. The cut is such that there was enough room through the shoulders that there is no pull on either turn or follow through. The Kangaroo pocket pouch was welcome; my hands are always cold.

As an aside, there should be a federal law against making golf outwear without pockets for the hands. If it is cold enough to wear a sweatshirt, or outwear, you’ll need some warmth for the hands.

One nice thing about kangaroo pockets is that you can put a Zippo hand warmer in there and you’ll be comfy even when the temps are in the forties.

The Dead Golfer hoodie is going to be a staple of my winter golf apparel going foward. I have played golf in Michigan in 104 straight months; that’s more than eight years without missing a month. During that time I’ve played some really cold rounds. It is apparel like the Dead Golfer hoodie that makes such a feat possible.

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