Victory! – Golf Poetry

Victory! – Golf Poetry


OUT of the night of vain desire, 
The slough of unattained things, 
Behold, I rise on wings of fire! 
A joyous song my spirit sings. 

In the fell clutch of sand and rough, 
I have not quit nor sworn aloud; 
No lie, no run of luck so tough, 
But hope still struggled through the cloud. 

Beyond the bunker's deadly snare 
Looms but another hazard tall. 
And yet the menace of their dare 
No more shall daunt my soaring ball. 

It matters not how small the fame, 
How far from really good the score; 
I am the master of my game — 
Lo ! I have shot an eighty-four ! 

S. G. Eaton. 
from Lyrics of the Links, 1921

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