I’ve been a clubmaker for a long time, so I know all about swing weight, component weight, and the interaction of all the parts.

But waggleweight?

That’s a new one on me.

The folks at Waggleweight claim that its a new form of balancing the club that takes swingweighting and translates it to how it feels to a human being.

I don’t know about this, but I’m not going to spend $25 to find out.

You can read the full press release below:

WaggleWeight.com Unveils a New Golf Club Specification to Help Golfers

Glendale Heights, IL – September 15, 2005 – A modernization of swingweight, which has literally gone unchanged since the 1930’s, WaggleWeight.com has disclosed an advanced golf club specification, aptly named Waggle Weight.  This long-overdue betterment will help promote improved swinging for players through a procedure previously unavailable.

In a report issued by founder Bill Kostuj, the golf professional reveals that while swingweighting can indeed affect one’s entire golf swing, including its overall rhythm and timing, the parameter’s foundation is in fact traced back to a golfer’s waggling motion during the pre-swing.  “This is where swingweight’s 14-inch fulcrum balance comes into play,” notes Kostuj, adding, “Nearly a century of puzzlement concerning the application of that proven, yet mysterious golf club parameter is finally put to rest. Consistent sensations of any golf club’s ‘heft’ from the fullest, hardest of swings down to the smallest, most subtle chips (and everything in between) are crucial toward successful play, and such a specification can only be achieved within one’s swing preparation.” With this knowledge comes the realization that far too many golfers cannot adequately exploit the present system.  As can be noted by observing players’ pre-swing movements, swingweight’s configuration may actually be hurting more golf swings than it is helping.  No level of playing ability is immune from adverse effects if the parameter is poorly fit.

Due to difficulties that can be encountered in precisely positioning golfers’ fulcrum (Waggle Weight) points, the evolution of Waggle Weight from antiquated swingweight must include bringing the specification into the computer age for optimum effectiveness. Unlike most other recent clubfitting innovations, however, which have focused primarily on altering the flight characteristics of a golf ball, “Waggle Weight can aid in genuine swing improvement for golfers,” states Bill emphatically.  Today’s hardware/software advancements will be taken advantage of to create a superior golf club weighing system. Kostuj is currently seeking parties to further develop the multifaceted, patent pending technology, which will include application specific software, redesigned scales, and of course Waggle Weighted golf clubs. The premium club fitting/building technique will give all golfers an opportunity to swing more consistently via the fit of their golf clubs.

About WaggleWeight.com

WaggleWeight.com is the brainchild of Bill Kostuj, golf professional since 1978 and holding an electronics engineering degree since 1977. A latecomer to golf after early years of devotion to baseball, Bill was born, raised, and still resides in the Chicago area.  Kostuj has gained extensive experience in the areas of the golf swing and its related equipment resulting from years of intense pursuit to play golf for a living. His first exposition entitled Swing With Swingweight No More: An Introduction To Waggle Weight is outlined on http://www.WaggleWeight.com. The full version is available for review free of charge to qualified individuals.  Other features concerning still-misunderstood golf matters are being considered for the future.

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