Washtenaw Golf Club Live

Washtenaw Golf Club
The first at Washtenaw Golf Club on a recent round.

Michigan Golf Live — a radio show hosted by my friend-in-golf Bill Hobson — will feature Washtenaw Golf Club on Saturday, May 16. The program is broadcast on a number of stations across Michigan, including WTKA in Ann Arbor, WDTK in Detroit, ESPN 96.1 in Grand Rapids and WGRY in Northern Michigan. You can also listen to the show as a podcast (which is how I listen to it).

As a side note, I ran into Hobson — who was scouting the course — while I was playing a round at Washtenaw Friday morning. Washtenaw is less than a half mile from GolfBlogger World Headquarters, so I am there frequently.

Washtenaw Golf Club is a pretty good story. After a 100+ year history as a private club, Washtenaw now is open to the public. Its new owner is Michigan Golf Hall of Fame teacher Dave Kendall.

Having played Washtenaw as a member when it was private, I have been impressed in recent weeks at how the club has maintained its country club conditions. Groundskeeping is also making some nice improvements, such as removing some trees which have overgrown the fairways. The efforts ultimately will open up the course for more shot options without changing the mature look and feel of the layout.

If you’d like to make Washtenaw your home course, the club has a couple of attractive season pass options.

Washtenaw Golf Club also is promoting its WGC 1899 Club (1899 is the year it opened). The promotion offers a number of shared discounts and benefits between Washtenaw and the nearby Kendall Academy and Miles of Golf golf shop. (Miles/Kendall Academy is just a mile away).

As a huge fan of Washtenaw Golf Club, I really want the club to do well, and the new ownership to succeed. If you’re in southeast Michigan and you haven’t played in a while (or at all), you should make a tee time.

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