What Does Srixon Stand For?

What Does Srixon Stand For?
What Does Srixon Stand For?

What Does Srixon Stand For?

Srixon is an odd name, and I wondered where it came from. Here’s the story:

The “Sri” in Srixon is SRI Sports Limited, which in turn is Sumitomo Rubber Industries. It is a Japanese tire and rubber company that was founded in 1909. The company began when Sumitomo Group invested in Dunlop Japan, a subsidiary of the British Company, Dunlop Rubber. Sumitomo Group acquired total control of Dunlop Japan in 1963 and renamed it Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

In 1986, Sumitomo bought out the rights to use the Dunlop brand on automobile tires. In 1986, Sumitomo bought out the US rights to Dunlop Tires.

SRI Sports Limited is a subsidiary of Sumitomo that primarily makes golf and tennis equipment. The company owns Srixon, Cleveland Golf, Never Compromise and Dunlop Golf. Cleveland Golf oversees marketing and distribution in North America, while Srixon handles Europe and Australia. Dunlop has responsibilities for Asia.

They make a great club. You can read my Srixon Z 585 review at the link. I have not, however, had any experience with their golf balls.

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