What’s In Store For Wie?

Michelle Wie is leading the US Women’s Open Tonight, lading to all sorts of speculation on what it all means.

The criticism of Wie has always been that she’s playing out of her league. Her critics say that she should learn to win on the junior tours before taking on the big boys. But San Francisco Chronicle writer Gwen Knapp thinks that if Michelle Wie continues to play out of her league—say, on the men’s tour one week, and the LPGA the other, it could be good for all concerned.

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2 thoughts on “What’s In Store For Wie?”

  1. Wie playing out of her league refers to playing on the PGA Tour. She belongs on the women’s tour, and until she can win – consistently – there, there’s nowhere else for her to be.

  2. Actually, there are a large number of people who think that she should be concentrating on winning junior events so she “learns how to win” instead of even playing in the “big girls” events. The commentators on the US Women’s OPen coverage said as much yesterday.


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