Cobra Golf/Titleist Disappointment

There is a major golf shop/driving range just around the corner from my house, and I make it a point to attend as many equipment demo days there as I possibly can.

Yesterday, the shop was advertising a Titleist/Cobra Golf demo day from 1 to 7 pm, so I made plans to stop by after picking up the boy at Cub Scout Camp.

But when I arrived at around 4:30, they were already packing up camp.

“Not enough traffic to make it worthwhile,” they said.

Huh? I pointed out that at 4:30, most honest people are still at work. And that most evenings, the driving range has a line waiting to use the facilities. Its a Golf Business Magazine Top 100 pro shop.

They were not at all convinced, and continued to pack up.

I left disappointed.

And then I began to wonder. Are things so good at Titleist/Cobra that their representatives can afford to quit early? I know that they supposedly have an in with PGA professionals who stock their stuff at pro shops. But my club’s pro shop has mostly stuff from TaylorMade and Callaway, so it can’t be universal.

So no Titleist / Cobra Golf first impressions from me. Maybe someone at Titleist will read this and give their Michigan representatives a scolding.

5 thoughts on “Cobra Golf/Titleist Disappointment”

  1. Titleist was at a big local demo days here.  All of the reps from all the manufacturers were cool except the titleist guys.  They seemed to have a “we’re cool” attitude and it is a previlege that they are even there “allowing” us do demo their “superior” golf equipment….

    That’s the vibe I got.

  2. I am trying to find Cobra Golf shirts. Any idea where I can find them. I have tried to contact Cobra which is a division of Acushnet. No one at Acushnet could help me and they stated that third party companie maybe have them, but I cannot not find any third party companies. I have seached the internet to wits end.

  3. I was looking to purchase several Cobra Hybrids but wanted to check shaft stiffness etc. first. I signed up at a local club for a Cobra demo day. When I arrived I was told by an apologetic golf shop that Cobra had canceled that morning due to the number of participants falling short of their minimum requirement. This was the first the golf shop or I had heard of a minimum requirement and I would not have made the 40 minute trip had I anticipated Cobra canceling at the last minute. It was the Friday before a holiday weekend and I guess the Cobra staff had other plans and didn’t want to get stuck in traffic. I even contacted Cobra to get an explanation and register my complaint but they never responded. Poor job Cobra to treat your potential customers this way.

  4. Gentlemen, I can assure you that Cobra and Titleist is a great company and the people who represent them are individuals and just like everyone else sometimes they have a bad day. Please don’t judge the company for one Demo techs actions. I know many of the people behind the product and have found them to be well trained and will go out of there way to help anyone interested in there products. Your local PGA professional is the person you should seek out for individual attention! I have over 20 years in the golf business. Have you ever walk in another mans shoes?


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