Wie Will Concentrate On Women’s Events

David Leadbetter says that—at least or now—Michelle Wie will concentrate on women’s events.

I guess the bloom is off the rose. She’s got to win something to get people’s interest back.

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1 thought on “Wie Will Concentrate On Women’s Events”

  1. I would recommend that she play some of the smaller ones where Ochoa might not be playing.

    But this is a good sign.  If she came back and was playing PGA stuff in June/July she won’t be making the cut, and I think Golf Channel is off giving her Tiger like coverage on Thursdays and Fridays. 

    She won’t be winning eight events a year even next year, but maybe the year after—and this year, she probably will get one or two if she is playing a number of events, she could get that first win by October or so.

    On the other hand, if it takes her until October to win, Ledbetter could be fired by Team Wie by then, and she could, by the end of the year, be talking about playing the Masters or British Open again.


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