Wiesy Come, Wiesy Go

Michelle Wie, nicknamed “The Big Wiesy” by Ernie Els didn’t make the cut at the Sony Open. (For those of you not in on the joke, Els’ nickname is “The Big Easy” for his long, flowing swing.) In fact, during the televised broadcast last night, they showed a side-by-side clip of Wie and Els’ swings. They were remarkably similar—same takeaway, same top set, same downswing. The difference was in the follow-through on the swing.  Wie almost completely turned herself around. Els, who was doing the commentary on the clip, joked about her flexibility. That’s what comes from being a 15-year-old girl.

1 thought on “Wiesy Come, Wiesy Go”

  1. I saw that broadcast.  Was quite amazing to see the similarity given that we’re talking about a young girl vs. a more chronologically challenged man.  But then I dont’ really want to talk about chronologically challenged.  hehe


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