Winter Thaw


We had an amazing winter thaw here in Michigan today as temperatures reached 45 degrees (actually, its been warming up over the last few days). The snow was gone from the ground, and the course was open. So of course, I played. (and if this is global warming, I’m in favor of it.) I got in fourteen holes before it was too dark to see where the ball was going.

The best part was that I got to try a set of TaylorMade R7XD irons and an R7 425 Driver that I had received just the day before. My early impression is that they are great clubs. It was very windy, so I really didn’t get a good gauge of the driver—but I was hitting fairways, so it was all positive. I got a better chance with the irons, hitting several shots from each new position (that’s why I only finished fourteen holes). There’s a lot to like about them: they look nice at setup—not as thick as most game-improvement irons. The wide soles prevented digging, even on the very soft ground. Distance was good, and best of all, the feel was surprisingly soft, considering the chilly conditions, the cold ball and clubs, and my bare hands.  That’s usually a recipe for bone jarring impact.—but not with the R7XDs.

Still it’s not fair to review clubs based on one outing in chilly temperatures and the ground soaked from snow melt. So I’ll let you know more when conditions get more favorable.

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3 thoughts on “Winter Thaw”

  1. I am also in Michigan and am absolutely loving this weather. I have not gotten a chance to get out on the course because we’re in the proces of moving, but I did manage to get outside a handful of times. It actually got up to 53 degrees where I am located. I knew it was coming when I was driving home lastnight at 1:00 am and my car’s outside temp read “45 F”.

    I was actually thinking the same thing as you, if global warming brings a winter like this, I’m all for it. On the other hand, I wonder what the global warming summers would be like.

  2. I got out last Sunday and played with my brother here in St. Louis.  We were enjoying the 70 degree weather when my brother turned to me on the 11th hole and said “God Bless global warming.”  Looks like we’re all thinking the same thing.  If it means I can play in a short-sleeve shirt in January, I’m all for it.

  3. Under my ideal Global Warming regime, Tennessee becomes the new Florida, which makes Michigan the new North Carolina. Of course, that means Florida becomes the new Guyana, but you can’t have everything.


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