Zalatoris Misses One Foot Putt. Yep. I’ve Done That.

Zalatoris Misses One Foot Putt. Yep. I've Done That.

Will Zalatoris is a rising talent on the PGA TOUR. He finished second in his debut at The Masters in 2021and was T8 at the 2021 PGA.

On Thursday at the 2021 Open Championship, however, he pulled off a feat that has endeared him to hackers everywhere:

He missed a one foot putt.

Watch it below:

Golf is hard, and some of us manage to do this sort of thing more often than others. But I think we can all relate. A momentary lapse of concentration is all it takes to turn a sure thing in golf into a disaster.

Zalatoris had eagled the previous hole.

To be fair, the video of that is below:

Unrelated, but Zalatoris withdrew from the 2021 Open Championship on Friday, due to an injury he suffered on the fifteenth, while hacking a ball out of deep rough.

Tough break for one of golf’s better young players.

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