Zinger To Return As Ryder Cup Captain?

You might have expected it. The calls have gone out for Paul Azinger to return as Ryder Cup Captain. Veteran golf writer Doug Ferguson has an article in USA Today:

No one spent more time in the PGA of America hospitality room last month at Oakland Hills than Corey Pavin, presumably to start lobbying to be the next U.S. captain for the Ryder Cup.

The list of candidates has rarely been this short, nor has it been so obvious.

“Zinger in 2010,” Phil Mickelson said after the Americans reclaimed possession of the Ryder Cup.

He certainly has one thing on his resume that recent US Captains haven’t had: a win.

My question is whether his approach would work again. I think it’s possible that his act would get “old” and that next time out, the players wouldn’t listen to him as much. Of course, its probably just as likely that his success has bred a respect that would carry over.

My guess is that if he wants the job, it’s his.

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4 thoughts on “Zinger To Return As Ryder Cup Captain?”

  1. A popular choice, for sure. A winning record. Who else is in line that may have been in the cards before the win? Who does the PGA of America owe? Corey Pavin has been mentioned. I always liked him and he was my late aunts favourite. A bulldog reputation.

    But, that might not be what the Cup needs right now…more testosterone may not be a good thing.(see previous comments-LOL)  Azinger has it, too but has kept it under control by staying “on point” – until he encouraged cheering for Europe’s bad shots.

    Question is, at what point does a player lose the ability to relate with the “young guns”? Who would have what it takes to assume leadership with a new and improved Tiger in the lineup. Hockey seems to have a short shelf life. Baseball and football, not so much. With so many top golfers on both sides flopping, will there be the same level of interest and support from players and fans in 2 years?

    In the end, Azinger saw his role as setting the situation up for the players to go about their business. If he is not the next Captain, he has laid out a great mission statement for whomever.

    The focus on who or what makes the best coach may change…finding a fit for the new “culture”  may be the key. But, maybe nobody but Azinger fits that mould right now.

    For sure, the Americans will not be able to tone down expectations next time, as they will no longer be the “dogs” LOL. And Europe will be even more motivated.

  2. I think it’d be a no-win situation for Azinger. His reputation can’t get any higher now. If he wins, eh, it won’t add anything to his legacy. If he loses, it would severely tarnish his reputation.

    His reputation as a Ryder Cup captain is as high as it’s gonna get now.

  3. My opinion is that Americans are generally a selfish lot and will want to keep Azinger in the Captain’s role because they want to win again.  Winning is everything to Americans.  If you don’t believe me, check out the news – every year there’s always a story about a soccer dad (or hockey, or little league baseball) who beats up a rival kid or a rival kid’s parent at a kiddie-league game.  They will go to the well, so to speak, one too many times with Azinger and then he will be trashed in the papers just like Faldo’s being trashed now.

  4. Cory Pavin would be a good choice. As far as relating to the young guns – it depends. Jack Nicklaus did quite well with his President’s Cup team.

    And to Miranda: The US got where it is by wanting to win. And by the way – on the day you posted this, four men risked their lives and rescued school children from a burning bus in Orlando. So be careful wielding that broad brush of your, ‘kay?


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