Golf Bag Paper Towel Holder

Golf Bag Paper Towel Holder Ridiculous Golf Item of the Week

New Ways To Keep Score

I’ve decided that the traditional method of scoring a golf round is unnecessarily depressing, especially … Read more.

Stricker’s Comeback

The Scotsman has a nice profile of Steve Stricker, who has arisen like a phoenix … Read more.

HS Golf Coach Buys Players’ Equipment

We interrupt your regularly scheduled golf program for a rant: So here’s what it’s come … Read more.

Sorenstam Engaged

People Magazine is reporting that Annika Sorenstam has gotten engaged: The 36-year-old Sorenstam is engaged … Read more.

Patriot Golf Day Sept. 1

Mrs. Golfblogger is an Air Force Veteran, who served in the first Gulf War in … Read more.

Speed Issue Redux

Can You Hear Me Now? Sorry. Wrong ad. There have been some tweaks made to … Read more.

Rules On Adjustability Reconsidered

The USGA and R&A apparently are reconsidering their rules on adjustable clubs. This should open … Read more.