Bluetooth Golf Ball Adds Chip To Prevent Lost Balls

The Chip-ing NeverLost Bluetooth Golf ball is an interesting technology. It embeds a Bluetooth chip in the core and uses a phone app to help players find lost balls.

In my mind, the success or failure of this product hinges not on the chip, but on the quality of the ball. If it doesn’t perform like a top quality ball, no amount of Bluetooth wizardry will get me to play it. The problem is further compounded by the fact that players are looking for lots of different things in a ball: pure distance, spin, feel … It is unlikely that Never Lost producers will be able to make products to fit all those niches.

My feeling is that the company would do better licensing the technology to existing golf ball companies so that they could embed the chip in their own products. Titleist could produce a Connected Pro V1, and Wilson, the Connected Duo.

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1 thought on “Bluetooth Golf Ball Adds Chip To Prevent Lost Balls”

  1. Titleist and Wilson could easily produce such balls if they wanted to. I guess it‘s not the greatest business model to sell one golf ball a year per player who never loses them ever again.

    There are just too many bad golfers with too much money wasting 5-10 Pro V1 per round. That would need to be a very expensive Bluetooth ball to make up for that lost business…


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