Cobra Golf App Calculates Missing Club Distances

I find the convergence of phone apps and clubs interesting. This one is from Cobra Golf:

Along with AMP CELL Fairways and Hybrids, COBRA Golf’s Fit N Fly app for iOS and Android devices can help golfers determine what trajectory settings they should be using in their AMP CELL clubs. By inputting how many wedges you play, your longest iron, the distance of your driver and distance of your longest iron, the Fit N Fly app will calculate what clubs you need and what MyFly setting they should be set to in order to achieve the distances you’re missing in your bag.

Download the app: 

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2 thoughts on “Cobra Golf App Calculates Missing Club Distances”

  1. I know where my gap is, and it is getting worse.  Beginning of year, 7 iron – 130-135; 6 hybrid – 145-150.  Now: 7 iron -135-140; 6-hybrid 165. 

    If I try and ease up on the 6-hybrid, it gets worse, not better.  I have cranked a couple 175.  Used to be 120-150 out was my sweet spot.  Now I dred being within 5 yards of the 150.  I would rather be at 180.

    I may drop a 6-iron in the bag, and take the 8 out, but I hope I can work through this.

  2. BTW- I was wondering who the guy was in blue- didn’t recognize him.  That is “Regular Guy”. 

    I like these ads. 

    Also- Ian plays Cobra ZL Encore Red, not Amp Cell.  Or at least that is what he was gaming in Memphis.

    At least that is still Cobra.  Ricky Barnes teed off with an R1 before sticking it in a Wilson headcover.


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