Dreaming About Fall Golf Travel

I just got off the course here in Ann Arbor, and in the cool air it occurred to me—as it has many times before—that it would really nice to be able to take a golf vacation to Myrtle Beach or Orlando in the late fall. I’d still be on top of my game—avoiding the winter layoff awkwardness that would come with a February or March date—and the peak vacation crowds would be much diminished. The average temperature in October in Orlando is 85—a much more pleasant prospect than the 95+ I played in on my June trip there. Myrtle Beach in October is an even more reasonable 77.

But I get just three personal vacation days each year, and my nice trip would end up being a frenetic dash.

I’ve considered some other locations. A trip to Kentucky might be nice—perhaps the Bright Leaf Golf Resort about which I’ve heard good things. Or perhaps the French Lick Courses in Indiana. I’d love to play that Donald Ross there.

And of course, I could always just go Up North to, say, the Treetops Resort, and see some of the most spectacular fall colors anywhere.

I’m thinking about it.


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