Fitness Friday: Eight Key Kettlebell Exercises

Fitness Friday: Eight Key Kettlebell Exercises

Fitness Friday: Eight Key Kettlebell Exercises To Make You “Move Like An Athlete”

When the gyms shut down, I went to kettlebells for strength training. And while gyms now are partially reopened, I am not sure at this point if I will actually go back.

I have this kettlebell exercise poster in my basement study, and use it to guide my thrice-a-week routine.

There are still several things that I do, however that vary somewhat from the agenda — or that are missing entirely.

An article in Men’s Health suggests eight key kettlebell exercises that they claim can make you “move like an athlete.” These compound exercises are designed for explosive strength and speed, which I think is exactly the sort of thing needed to improve golf performance.

The exercises are a Chest Supported “Good Morning,” a Bottoms Up March, Dead Stop Swing, Split Jerk, Racked Reverse Lunge, Staggered Stance Deadlift, Figure 8 To Hold and a Clean Lift.

Check the article for some good animated gifs.

The only one of those I’m not already doing is the Staggered Stance Deadlift. That, the article says will “bulletproof your back.” Coming from a long line of lower back pain sufferers, I absolutely need to do this.

One that I do — and that really makes me work is the Reverse Lunge. I do thirty of those and my legs are screaming — in a good way.

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